Mirador and V3Limited Partner to Uncover Private Investment Risk with New Benchmarking and Forecasting Suite

DARIEN, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FinSvcsMirador, LLC, a services firm that leverages deep financial expertise to provide bespoke financial reporting for ultra/high net worth clients and their investment portfolios, today announced it has partnered with V3Limited LLC, a boutique advisory firm providing private investment monitoring and active management services for family offices.

The partnership enables a one-of-a-kind suite of financial and analytical reports specifically for private equity/debt fund and direct investment portfolios. This unique private investment reporting combines V3Limited’s proprietary set of benchmarks, analytics, and diligence process to forecast results and provide the transparency needed to identify both high- and under-performing investments with Mirador’s expertise in data management and financial report creation.

“V3Limited is the expert in identifying the good, the bad and the ugly in private investment portfolios and they have a proven track record of taking the steps necessary to generate or recoup significant value for their clients through their private investment action plans,“ said Joseph Larizza, Managing Partner, Mirador. “Leveraging Mirador’s financial reporting expertise, we recreated V3’s assessment tools as a suite of reports for our clients, allowing ultra/high net worth investors to have true clarity on the health of the alternative portion of their portfolio like never before.”

“The most successful investors proactively uncover and not just address but attack key risks during good and challenging times. While the full impact from the Great Lockdown is not fully known, now more than ever investors should reassess risks in their private investment portfolios,” said Tim Wray, Co-Founder and Partner of V3Limited. “Our partnership with Mirador includes the step-by-step roadmap we used to help families and their wealth managers emerge successfully from the post-2008 crisis. Combining Mirador’s reporting expertise and V3’s private investment capabilities, family offices will have an objective and deep-reaching report dashboard for early warning of under-performing private investments and can take the actions necessary to avoid getting stuck or realizing permanent losses in this current downturn. Investors will have the transparency and control they need to drive improved outcomes across their private portfolios in any market condition.”

About V3Limited

With private investing’s serious risks and complexities, V3Limited provides private investment advisory services and action plans customized for investors to position their private portfolios for success in all market conditions. V3Limited’s due diligence, benchmarking metrics, forecasting tools, risk assessment methodologies, and private investment expert network provides not only the information needed to properly monitor the health of an investor’s private portfolio but also the resources to take proactive steps to achieve the results investors want. V3Limited provides due diligence, reporting, advice, and active management solutions to help family offices, private investors, and wealth managers with substantial private direct and private fund investment portfolios achieve their full potential. The firm has offices in Philadelphia and New York.

About Mirador, LLC

Grounded in Wall Street and enabled by technology, Mirador, LLC combines powerful data science and deep financial expertise to provide best-of-breed financial reporting services for U/HNW investment portfolios. Through partnerships with leading technology platforms, Mirador’s service offering creates insightful, consolidated, real-time views of all assets and liabilities – what they are, who holds them, how ownership is divided, how they’re invested, and how they’re performing – strategically constructed to identify opportunities and expose financial risks. Unlike large multi-offering firms for whom reporting is an ancillary service or a consulting service that configures systems and leaves, Mirador’s performance-reporting experts – drawn from family offices and wealth-management firms – create true, ongoing partnerships with clients to ensure data integrity, cull new insights from the data, answer questions, and resolve inconsistencies. The firm has offices in Connecticut, New York, Salt Lake City, and Dublin, Ireland, and supports the performance-reporting requirements of Family Offices, Wealth and Asset Managers, and Foundations throughout the United States, Western Europe, and Latin America.


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