Mobile Heartbeat Announces Upcoming Launch of Banyan, a Cloud-Based Communication Platform

The First Application on the New Platform Will Be Banyan Voice, a clinical VoIP Solution

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile Heartbeat, a clinical communication and collaboration company and wholly-owned subsidiary of HCA Healthcare, announced today that it is launching Banyan™, a cloud-based communication system for healthcare providers. The new platform, built and hosted on Microsoft Azure, will encompass a suite of modular applications purpose-built for use across the entire healthcare enterprise, including hospitals and ambulatory care facilities.

“We are launching this platform because we believe the future software in healthcare is delivered through the cloud and we’ve seen a demonstrated need for flexible, scalable communication tools that can adapt to diverse healthcare environments,” said Mobile Heartbeat CEO Ron Remy. “We chose to build Banyan on Microsoft Azure because of its unmatched reliability, security and configurability that we can provide to our customers.”

Additionally, the Banyan Platform will use Azure Communication Services to implement individual communication capabilities, such as secure texting and user status in clinical communication apps. A key benefit of integrating with Azure Communication Services is the integration between frontline clinical staff using Banyan applications and other staff using Microsoft Teams.

“The next generation of clinical communications and collaboration will require cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and healthcare data interoperability,” said Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer, at Microsoft. “Microsoft is pleased to partner with Mobile Heartbeat to apply these capabilities through Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to expand real-time communications, enable seamless collaboration across the care continuum, and provide more precise and timely care.”

The first application built on the new Banyan Platform will be a reliable, clinical calling solution. The app, “Banyan Voice,” integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows and other key clinical applications such as mobile EHR applications. By hosting the VoIP application on Azure, Banyan Voice can integrate with existing telephony systems, allowing users to call others regardless of application or device.

“We know calling is a critical component of healthcare workflows based on our experience serving 230,000 clinical users for over a decade,” said Mike Detjen, COO at Mobile Heartbeat. “We are prioritizing the tools that will support them the most, and the first on that list is calling.”

Following the launch of Banyan and the Banyan Voice application, Mobile Heartbeat plans to expand applications within the platform, including enterprise directory and secure texting solutions.

About Mobile Heartbeat: Mobile Heartbeat® is a leading provider of enterprise mobility clinical communications and collaboration solutions that improve clinical workflow and provide secure team communications, enabling better patient care at a lower cost. The company’s Unified Clinical Communication platform, MH-CURE®, gives clinicians what they want and need: simple, secure access to their patients and other care team members with clinically relevant patient information—no matter where they are. Based upon its Clinical Unified Results Enterprise (CURE) technology, MH-CURE dramatically improves clinical workflows across the enterprise, freeing clinicians to focus on what they do best: care for their patients. For more information, visit



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