Modzy Setting Bar for AI Operationalization Solutions

Capabilities establish industry innovation leadership in 2020

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIModzy, a leading enterprise AI platform, today announced breakthrough features and innovative technology developments in deep fake detection, command and control applications, adversarial defense, and explainability which establish its leadership in critical capabilities fundamental for operationalizing AI. Announced late last year, Modzy enables customers to create AI solutions that drive value. Enterprises can deploy the Modzy AI Platform to easily manage, govern and secure AI at scale. The platform’s unique technology and patent-pending intellectual property are evidence of strong product development momentum.

“It’s hard to overestimate the complexity of the ‘last mile’ of adopting AI and generating real business value,” said Seth Clark, Head of Product at Modzy. “Our team has created these solutions with an absolute focus on mitigating that complexity to empower our customers to quickly operationalize and realize the game-changing power of AI.”

Recent Modzy technology highlights include:

Patent-Pending Adversarial Defense

Modzy proactively mitigates threats to hack or feed poisoned data into AI models. Modzy’s patent-pending adversarial defense solution ensures AI models are robust and secure. It provides high performance and resilience by proactively detecting and preventing active and passive – targeted and untargeted – adversarial attacks including techniques such as physical tampering, hot-flips, data poisoning, and model stealing. Modzy leverages two patent-pending adversarial defense approaches:

  • Robustnet (System and Method for Training a Neural Network System)

    • Most-effective model training method
    • Leverages control theory
    • Benchmarked and performant in all types of scenarios
    • May be combined with other approaches
  • Theriac (System and Method for Classifying Image Data)

    • Uses predictive behavior analysis informed by active and passive attack techniques data, back propagation and filtering

Fastest Explainability Benchmarked

Modzy’s patent-pending explainability solution is the fastest in the world, five times faster than the leading technique for explaining predictions from deep neural networks. Widespread AI adoption hinges on trust in the technology. Modzy provides trustworthy AI through platform explainability as well as transparency into model training details, ensuring models and results users can trust. It offers time and cost savings, enables transparency and establishes trust, while helping customers stay accountable to the governance requirements of their industries:

  • Adversarial Explanations for Artificial Intelligence (AXAI) (Methods and Systems for Explaining a Decision Process of a Machine Learning Model)

    • Fastest explainability detection compared to traditional techniques (e.g. LIME, SHAP)
    • Unique ability to enable explainability with deep neural networks (DNNs)

Additional Highlights

  • BYOL on AWS Marketplace: Push button automated deployment option, the fastest way for customers to deploy Modzy and access cloud-based infrastructure
  • Management Dashboard: Enables system administrators to understand, manage and make decisions based on what is happening within Modzy, and provides uninterrupted flow between the development, operationalization, maintenance, and governance of models
  • Self-Service Model Deployment: A tool suite that allows data scientists to quickly and easily deploy, edit and version packaged and containerized models into Modzy with no prior platform knowledge
  • MLOps Dashboard: Enables management of model versions, permissions, infrastructure utilization, and understanding of model performance metrics over time
  • Model Versioning: Allows viewing, enabling and disabling of any version of any model  
  • Customer Models within Marketplace: Provides customers a dedicated location within the model marketplace to view models their organization has contributed
  • New Models in Marketplace: Modzy now offers more than 100 commercial, pre-trained AI models by Modzy and leading partners; they span industry use cases and AI techniques, such as a new deepfake detection model

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About Modzy

Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Modzy is the leading enterprise platform to secure, govern, and deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. Modzy helps government and private-sector customers meet the challenge of operationalizing AI by enabling rapid deployment, management and governance of trusted AI. Modzy’s platform leverages embedded security, patent-pending adversarial defense, explainability of model predictions, and governance features to help customers easily manage and quickly benefit from their AI investments at enterprise scale. Modzy offers choice with ready-to-deploy pre-trained and trainable AI models from leading companies and open source communities. Modzy accelerates the deployment of trustworthy AI while increasing transparency, lowering the barriers to adopting and scaling AI. To learn more visit


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