Myotest Patents Method for Capturing Biomechanical Metrics With a Single Accelerometer

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#biomechanicsMyotest has obtained a U.S. patent (US 10,881,905 B2) protecting their method and device for detecting asymmetries in a user’s movement with an accelerometer. This invention enables Myotest to accurately calculate a wide range of biomechanical parameters from a single device, including key metrics such as running asymmetry, balance, explosive power, resistance, stability, and more. The device can then suggest a training plan built from these parameters, designed to improve a runner’s technical and muscular abilities.

These biomechanical metrics are directly usable by a runner or coach to optimize their training plan and to reduce the risk of injury. They also find a variety of applications beyond running, from other sports to general healthcare. For example, they can be used to identify the equipment best suited to an athlete’s form, an idea that Myotest has put into practice by matching running shoes to runners.

This new patent adds to Myotest’s strong IP portfolio, which today includes 11 patent families. Among these are more than 55 patents, including some precursors and fundamentals, for the capture and analysis of movement from wearables. Myotest is a pioneer and supplier of smart coaching on portable devices (smartwatches and others) based on the science of biomechanics, helping runners to understand their running technique and providing advice to improve it where necessary. The Myotest team brings together experts in the fields of biomechanics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and algorithm development for movement analysis. It also includes sport experts with extensive experience in the development and validation of software products for sport and health.

Last year, Myotest announced the introduction of Running Form in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch3, launched in August 2020. Samsung has since then also rolled out the Running Form features to its earlier model, the Galaxy Watch Active2. This additional patent further protects Myotest’s methods and technologies, used to give runners access to the most advanced portable coaching technology available through devices such as these.


Myotest is a Swiss company, founded in 2004, pioneer and leader in the monitoring and use of biomechanical data to train athletes based on their performance and goals, to provide recommendations of sporting goods based on their profile, and to help corporations assess and predict health conditions amongst their employees. Myotest licenses its technology to manufacturers of wearables and sports brands.


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