OCP TECH Partners with Oracle in Latin America to Continue its Expansion Plan

The company joined with the software giant to strengthen and expand its business in the region. This alliance will drive digital and technological innovation.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OCP TECH, an industry leader in integral technological solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Oracle in order to enhance its operations in Latin America. By choosing Panama as its new Regional Operations Center, OCP TECH is establishing itself as a leading player in Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America.

The alliance with this tech giant gives OCP TECH the tools to offer its clients solutions to accompany them through the digital transformation process. Central America and the Caribbean are areas with great potential where companies, supported by technology, are beginning to open up global markets.

“The agreement with Oracle enables us to offer first-class solutions to our clients and in doing so, also accompany their digital transformation processes, making them more competitive through the use of technological innovation, such as artificial intelligence, mobile devices, data analysis and business applications for the cloud among others,” explains Marcelo Herrera, Chief Strategy Officer of OCP TECH.

Specializing in the development of cloud solutions, Oracle is the world’s premier software company and in this context, it is actively working to amplify help with its cloud technology services, applications and artificial intelligence.

OCP TECH has distinguished itself by implementing technological infrastructure and developing leading software for cities, schools and consumer goods companies. With this alliance, OCP TECH reaffirms its strong commitment to continue investing in all markets where it operates.


OCP TECH is an American company that generates more than 150 million dollars a year with operations worldwide. It brings together several companies and has offices in Latin America. For more information, visit www.ocp.tech

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