Olea Edge Analytics Issues Call to Action to Western U.S. Cities to Combat Record Drought Conditions

  • 60-day trial available for cities and counties to seize the power of data visibility across water assets to combat the once-in-a-century conditions forcing cities to account for every drop of water
  • Olea Edge’s data-driven platform identifies flaws in aging meters and infrastructure
  • Empowers cities in states impacted by drought conditions—including Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington—to immediately gain complete visibility into all their managed water assets

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IIoTOlea Edge Analytics, an intelligent edge computing platform for the water utility industry, today issued a call to action to cities across the Western United States.

Olea Edge is asking city and county leaders from CFOs to CIOs to directly address the imminent threat of declining water levels by engaging in a 60-day trial of Olea Edge’s proven, data-driven platform. These areas facing the impending threat of record-low water levels can immediately benefit from data transparency that allows cities and counties to mitigate water loss.

Every day brings a new headline that reinforces the severity of the drought in the Western United States:

These once-in-a-century conditions have created an immediate need for cities to monitor their water use and ensure their resources are allocated effectively. Cities of all sizes have used Olea Edge Analytics to identify flaws in their high-value water meters, prioritize repairs and prevent the loss of millions of gallons of water.

“The conditions out West are heartbreaking,” Olea Edge Analytics CEO Dave Mackie said. “Regulators feel like they’re running out of options, and city officials are looking for anything that will help them manage their budget, workforce and operations. We believe we can provide the tools to help them get a handle on an emergency situation.”

Large commercial and industrial water meters can lose accuracy by more than 10% in a year, even under normal conditions. Working with Olea Edge Analytics, a Texas city found 9 million gallons of non-revenue water loss in a review of just 20 meters.

Smart Water Management Platform Gives Cities Complete Visibility of All Their Managed Assets

Through a combination of blockchain technology, AI and machine learning, Olea Edge Analytics pinpoints trouble spots in a municipal water network. A full suite of sensors monitors and provides advanced analytics for each component in the system. Water use data is validated via Olea Edge Analytics’ patented blockchain architecture from the moment it leaves the meter’s sensors to when it reaches the customer. The encrypted data in the blockchain ledger is also distributed across every device in the network, making it more secure and traceable than ever before.

The platform creates a digital twin—a virtual replica of a physical product or system—of every meter on the network. A full suite of sensors monitors and provides advanced analytics for each component in the system.

To learn more about Olea Edge Analytics, visit oleaedge.com.

About Olea Edge Analytics

Olea’s proven technology empowers utilities to optimize water delivery, billing and conservation so cities can generate millions more in revenue. Committed to helping water utilities combat aging infrastructure, meet greater demand and limit rate increases, Olea’s patented solution combines IoT and edge computing capabilities to bring transparency, accuracy and reliability to the delivery of the world’s most precious resource. For more information, visit www.oleaedge.com.


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