OmniQuest™ Genesis® 2022 – Beyond Human Intuition™

Genesis® 2022 continues to raise the bar in Engineering Design Synthesis with new features and performance in its Artificial Intelligence Supervised Machine Learning.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Automotive–OmniQuest™, the global leader in engineering design synthesis is pleased to announce the release of Genesis® 2022 Structural Analysis and Optimization. Genesis 2022 is a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tool, used by leading product engineering designers and analysts in the automated application of Engineering First Principles.

Genesis® 2022 empowers engineers to achieve dramatic improvements in design performance and cost much more quickly than with traditional CAE simulation and analysis. With First Principles as its foundation, Genesis® 2022 eliminates tedious ‘guess and check’ practices that hinder the designing engineer from achieving product design excellence.

“Genesis® 2022 marks the 30th successive major release of our industry-leading design synthesis offering,” said Juan Pablo Leiva, OmniQuest™ President & Genesis® Lead. “I am so very proud of our team’s continued delivery of excellence in Genesis® continuing our commitment to technology innovation and customer-focused enhancement,” Leiva said.

Genesis® 2022 introduces structural design optimization for fatigue damage from arbitrary loading cycles, new topology optimization manufacturing constraints to solve complex problems such as curved casting, and the addition of multiple new responses addressing resonance peaks or anti-peaks, and new inertia responses for subsystems. In addition, Genesis® 2022 delivers significant performance improvements through increased parallelization to tackle problems with a massive number of constraints.

Martin Gambling, Managing Director GRM Consulting Ltd. added “OmniQuest™ Genesis® 2022 marks another milestone in OmniQuest relentless value innovation enhancement. For 20 years GRM has depended on Genesis® performance and extensibility to enable the delivery of GRM customer-driven solutions. Genesis® 2022 does not disappoint.”

Design Studio for Genesis® 2022 is upgraded in response to customer requests for a new trail to easily connect separated domains and new post-processing charts to show sensitivities and optimal sensitivities. All with an updated contemporary human-machine interface.

“Genesis® 2022 has already solved a 24 million variable design synthesis problem further extending its lead as the most powerful engineering design synthesis offering in the world,” said Wallace Patterson, OmniQuest Sales Director. “By tackling problems this large and even larger, OmniQuest empowers the engineering designer Beyond Human Intuition™,” Patterson concluded.

Genesis® 2022 is available to current licensees for download now. For a complimentary evaluation license, please visit Support for Genesis® 19.0 will continue for one year.

OmniQuest™ supervised machine learning design synthesis enables you to work Beyond Human Intuition™ On A Quest For The Best™.

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About OmniQuest™

OmniQuest is the leading developer and supplier of software to assist engineers in automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment industries in achieving optimized product designs.

OmniQuest™ was founded by Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats 1984 as Vanderplaats Research & Development, for the advancement of numerical optimization for commercial application. A protégé of Dr. Lucian Schmit, father of engineering design synthesis, Dr. Vanderplaats is a widely recognized expert in the optimization field.

In its fifth decade, privately held OmniQuest has evolved into a premier software company, developing and marketing design optimization tools, professional services, training, and engaging in ongoing advanced research.


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