p3rceive Announces Integration of Natural Language Generation Into Its Artificial Intelligence Stack

The multi-variable, probability model of future sales tool takes capabilities to the next level by becoming first platform to generate human readable text from analytics

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–p3rceive (p3), the innovative sales capacity planning tool that offers users a dynamic, multi-variable, probability-based model of future sales, today announced the introduction of natural language generation capabilities into its artificial intelligence stack. p3 is now the first platform to generate human readable text from the analytics generated through its sales capacity planning tool.

p3erceive is now able to turn its numbers and charts into executable insights by creating a usable executive summary from the 10,000 probable outcomes for each change in a sales variable generated by p3’s powerful Bayesian statistical math engine.

“Analytics in isolation can be difficult to interpret. For an executive to make the best possible decision, a reporting stack needs to be fully understandable,” said Kurt Johnson, Founder of p3rceive and Co-founder of 11.2 Ventures (www.11-2ventures.com). “p3rceive uses artificial intelligence to solve this issue by giving consumers the answer in a story format.”

Dmitry Valbe, Co-founder and CTO of 11.2 Ventures, and former Head of Data Science and Client Analytics at Nuveen Investments, commented, “It’s important for executive teams to be on the same page regarding their sales operations and to be able to quickly make decisions and implement their growth strategies. Simplifying the transition from mathematics to actions is what the company set out to accomplish with p3’s new features.”

p3rceive is one of the first companies generated by 11.2 Ventures, LLC, the Chicago-based venture builder studio (VBS). The VBS model was developed to improve the success rate of early-stage startups by seeding, growing, and launching its own companies in-house. Drawing on the expertise of its management team and executive board, 11.2 Ventures was engineered to overcome each of the major causes behind the dismal tech startup failure rate—including poor market fit and ineffective leadership teams. p3rceive is the result of 11.2’s co-founders’ combined market expertise, collaborative leadership, and focused management.

About p3rceive

p3rceive is a sales capacity planning tool that offers its users a dynamic, multi-variable, probability-based model of future sales—while also identifying the specific allocation of resources needed to get there. Tying a company’s sales revenue range to its unique inputs—not just sales hours but also the legal team’s time; not just production but also distribution—p3rceive instantly maps out 10,000 probable outcomes for each change in a sales variable and gives the probability that the desired outcome will be reached. Harnessing Bayesian statistics and powerful math, this software allows sales executives and the C-suite to calibrate resources with certainty rather than intuition, making p3rceive the first software to accurately model—and optimize for—growth. For more, please visit https://p3rceive.com.


Dan Conley

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