Perfect Corp. Partners with Smashbox Cosmetics for the First AI-Powered Face Analyzer Virtual Try-On Experience, Smashbox Eye Genie in YouCam Makeup

The one-of-a-kind technology helps beauty consumers get the best-match personalized recommendation.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Perfect Corp., the global beauty tech solutions provider and developer of the award-winning YouCam Makeup app, is proud to announce the extension of their partnership with leading global cosmetics brand, Smashbox Cosmetics. With this, the brand will be pairing YouCam’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered face analyzer technology with Smashbox’s Shape Matters Methodology, and eye products for the launch of the groundbreaking, Smashbox Eye Genie in the YouCam Makeup App.

Inside Smashbox’s Eye Genie Experience

Leveraging a first-of-its-kind AI eye-shape detection and product recommendation solution, the YouCam Makeup App delivers a seamless user experience as the Smashbox Eye Genie will automatically detect the shape of the user’s eyes, using a live camera feed. From there it will recommend varying Smashbox Cover Shot Palettes and accompanying eye looks based on the user’s eye shape created by Smashbox eye experts and professional makeup artists such as the brand’s Global Makeup Artist, Lori Taylor Davis. This will ultimately allow users to experiment with different color combinations based on their preference in a matter of seconds.

A Look at the Personalized Beauty Tech

This personalized innovation comes off the heels of Smashbox’s Shape Matters Methodology, which resulted from years of extensive research that included the analysis of multiple of different eye shapes. The cosmetics brand combined these R&D efforts with Perfect Corp.’s AI deep-learning technology through 3D face mesh, which identifies facial landmarks to recognize individual attributes, including eye shape, eyebrows, bone structure and definition, to ultimately create the Smashbox Eye Genie experience.

“We’re excited to partner with one of makeup’s most iconic brands to debut our advanced smart beauty technology inviting a heightened level of engagement between Smashbox and beauty shoppers,” said Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO. “We’re seeing the power of AI and AR at work as the makeup and beauty shopping experience continues to evolve, and we’re pleased to play a role in Smashbox’s ‘phygital’ transformation.”

“Smashbox is thrilled to partner with Perfect Corp. to pair our studio artistry with this innovative technology. Through this easy-to-use digital tool, our consumers can access Smashbox’s proprietary Shape Matters eye makeup expertise to receive personalized makeup recommendations based on their own unique eye shape,” said Glenn Evans, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager of Smashbox Cosmetics. He continued, “We are excited to take another step on our mission to bring the magic of Smashbox Studios to makeup lovers everywhere.”

The Future of AI Tech in Retail

The partnership between Perfect Corp. and Smashbox signifies an important step forward in the evolution of retail technology, solving the challenge of bringing traditional off-line experiences online through the implementation of experiential AR and AI.

“Perfect Corp.’s AI technologies help us build on strong digital connections with consumers, despite the physical divide,” said Tatiana Sana, Global Brand Technologies at Estée Lauder Companies. “Smashbox always had a sweet spot for eyes and had conducted extensive research over the years to support their Shape Matters Methodology. Now combined with YouCam’s AI-powered eye shape recognition engine, we’ve made it seamless to create a soft, bold or smoky eye look at the touch of a button. This break-through innovation brings a new level of personalization to make up try on experience that delights, excites, and entices our consumers. Combined AI and AR technology recommends the look best fitted for your eye shape to enhance your natural features.”

Join Perfect Corp. and Smashbox at the Global Beauty Tech Master Series on June 30th at 1PM ET for live demonstrations of the new Smashbox Eye Genie experience. The free virtual webinar, “AI Matchmaker: A Deep Dive into AI Beauty Recommendations”, will feature special guests, Tatiana Sana, Estée Lauder Companies, Global Brand Technologies, and Lori Taylor Davis, Director – Global Pro Lead Artist, Smashbox Cosmetics, for an insightful discussion on the importance of a personalized beauty shopping experience and the unique beauty tech solutions helping brands meet this growing consumer demand. Register for free to tune into the Global Beauty Tech Master Series.

Experience the Smashbox Eye Genie product matching and virtual try-on experience for free in the YouCam Makeup app now and discover a demo of the AI Face Analyzer web technology on

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