PreciseTarget Launches the First AI-Based Customer Acquisition Product for Retail

Empowering retail brands to target high LTV customers

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PreciseTarget, a retail data science company, is unveiling an innovative new feature, AcquisitionAI, which gives instant access to analysis on a brand’s newly acquired customers, and automatically generates audiences targeting the brand’s highest value new customers. These recommendations are based on PreciseTarget’s unique data models that determine brand and product preferences as well as geotargeting fit.

The new feature expands on PreciseTarget’s service, ConsumerInsights, which provides apparel and fashion brands with deeper data, knowledge, and actionable insights about each of their existing customers as well as their best acquisition targets. AcquisitionAI offers seamless integration with Facebook and all major digital ad platforms and DSPs.

In addition to saving time and strategically targeting a brand’s ideal customers with AI recommendations, AcquisitionAI will increase customer LTV for brands and retailers by offering the following:

  • Connects a brand’s existing CRM with advanced data science models that are continually tuned to optimize recommended data sets to target a brand’s highest-value customers.
  • Leverages deep-learning and a core data set of over 5 billion transactions to score newly acquired customers so that brands and retailers can realize continuous marketing improvement.
  • Provides brands with a data-rich CRM, empowering their first-party data sets to drive conversions and maximize customer LTV.

“We developed this feature to help brands gain data independence and to identify their valuable most customers,” said PreciseTarget CEO Rob McGovern. “A brand’s ideal customer fluctuates based on assortment attributes and evolving customer preferences. We built AcquisitionAI to allow brands to get instant access to their best customers.”

Precise Target was founded by Rob McGovern, the entrepreneur who created CareerBuilder. Visit, and connect on LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Berry Brady