Range Media Partners and RECUR Announce Partnership to Shape the Future Of Fan-Driven Entertainment NFTs

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Range Media Partners and RECUR announce a partnership that will allow Range’s diverse roster of talent (including filmmakers, actors, musicians, creators and activists) and brand clients direct access to NFT (non-fungible token) creation via RECUR’s bespoke technology, that designs and develops on-chain branded experiences and collectibles for some of the world’s largest brands and IP.

RECUR is redefining how NFTs are created, distributed, and sold by reimagining the way fans can interact with their favorite artists, brands and communities. The company’s chain-agnostic approach provides interoperability for every NFT and removes boundaries on fandom for major IPs across entertainment, sports and character properties. Since its inception, Range Media Partners has been at the forefront of redefining representation across the evolving media landscape, with clientele spanning film, television, music, literature and activism. The Range and RECUR partnership unlocks opportunities for Range’s clients to enter the quickly-evolving Web3 ecosystem in innovative ways that bring them closer to their most passionate fans while actively building community engagement.

“Recur is building and democratizing some of the most innovative fan experiences in the Web3 ecosystem, and we are thrilled about this partnership,” said Range CEO Pete Micelli. “Whether you are an actor, musician, or influencer, the value of engaging one’s community through NFTs is undeniable in the shifting media landscape – and to have access to a thought partner at this level opens up the possibility for creativity across Range’s entire roster, no matter what type of artist they are.”

Some of Range’s clients already leveraging NFT technology to deliver bespoke experiences for fans operating in the NFT space include Heavy Metal, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Bobby Hundreds, Walk Off The Earth and The Disco Biscuits.

“We are excited to partner with Range to create new opportunities in the NFT space for their incredible clientele. Over the coming months and years, RECUR will be introducing world class NFT experiences that, with this partnership, will showcase top-tier talent from the movies, shows, and stories we all love in order to truly expand the fan experience,” said Zach Bruch, Co-CEO of RECUR.

The partnership comes on the heels of RECUR’s $50M Series A fundraising round, led by pioneering metaverse investment platform Digital, as well as previous investors including Defi Alliance, Courtside VC, Volt Capital, Joe Lubin, Gemini/the Winklevoss Twins, Scott Belsky, Hashed, Nascent, Delphi Ventures, JST Capital, Divergence, 640 Oxford, IOSG, CMT Digital, David Choi, Jason Derulo, Scott Lewis Chris Hermida, and Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VeeFriends. RECUR also recently partnered with Veritone, an artificial intelligence company, to license Pac-12 video highlights on NFTU, a new marketplace for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) themed NFTs.

About Range Media Partners

Range Media Partners was founded in September 2020 by Dave Bugliari, Mackenzie Condon Roussos, Rich Cook, Michael Cooper, Susie Fox, Matt Graham, Sandra Kang, Rachel Kropa, Chelsea McKinnies, Peter Micelli, Mick Sullivan, Byron Wetzel, and Jack Whigham. A collective of leaders in the entertainment and business industries, Range Media Partners guides exceptional talent into unlocking their full global value in all businesses. With clientele spanning film, television, music, literary, and activism, Range continues to be at the forefront of representation across the evolving media landscape.


Founded by crypto industry expert Zach Bruch and digital licensing industry pioneer Trevor George, RECUR is a technology company that designs and develops on-chain branded experiences that allow fans to buy, collect, and re-sell digital products and collectibles (NFTs). RECUR will be chain agnostic and is fundamentally changing the NFT market by creating and setting the standard for a decentralized recurring royalty, creating the widest distribution and reach for NFTs minted on their platform.


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