REMOTAIR by Alisea: How COVID-19 Boosts Creativity to Engineer Innovative Air Quality Solutions for HVAC Systems

MEZZANINO, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Introducing REMOTAIR®, the first artificial intelligence-based solution for continuous monitoring of an HVAC system’s operational health and cleanliness. REMOTAIR® patent-pending technology alerts users of any critical event while also providing preventive diagnosis to protect individuals’ health and safety in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Special algorithms, researched and tested for over five years, analyze variables provided by system-installed sensors and data collection technologies. REMOTAIR® is the brainchild of Alisea s.r.l, the leading company in the HVAC systems management and cleaning industry for the Italian market.

“Among the numerous strengths, in particular, is REMOTAIR’s diagnostic capabilities as well as the ability to continuously manage various disinfection and air purification devices, checking their correct functioning in real time,” says Andrea Casa, Alisea C.E.O. and also International Director of N.A.D.C.A. (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). “In the event of anomalies, the system automatically sends an alert, allowing for technicians to promptly carry out maintenance and sanitization interventions aimed at restoring cleanliness and functional efficiency. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence of REMOTAIR® has made it possible to develop self-learning functions for predictive analysis, thus anticipating potential danger for human health well in advance. This allows for optimization of costs, specifically for intervention and maintenance, as these costs can be high when contamination of a system has already occurred. This is a real paradigm shift, which will allow employers to demonstrate their HVAC systems are always clean, providing firm protection against any legal risks that may arise from owning a contaminated system.

Alisea has over 20 years of experience as the premier duct cleaning and HVAC service company in Italy. The development of REMOTAIR® has been facilitated by the 20+ years of experience boosted by important collaborations with public and private research centers.

“We are now establishing REMOTAIR’s international commercial partnerships. Our goal is to connect the technology and the company’s extensive know-how and capabilities to the facilities management systems that support HVAC plants on any commercial, industrial, or residential building around the world,” Andrea Casa concludes.


Press contact: Valerio Nicolai