Resecurity Announces Its Partnership with Sapienza Università di Roma

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Academia–Resecurity announces its partnership with Sapienza Università di Roma. Resecurity is one of the leading global cybersecurity organizations offering a full suite of tools for risk management, threat intelligence, monitoring and analysis to help enterprise businesses and governments defend against current and future threats. This new partnership will help Sapienza Università di Roma combat cybersecurity threats and better protect the institution’s sensitive data.

Sapienza Università di Roma ( is one of Italy’s most prestigious institutions. The university will incorporate Resecurity’s Context and Risk platforms for better analysis and monitoring of cyber threats. Data disclosure plagues many organizations including universities, as data is a cyber-criminal’s primary focus to later sell it on darknet markets. Using Context and Risk, Sapienza Università di Roma will be able to prevent future data breaches, gain insight on darkweb data disclosure, analyze factors surrounding current data breaches, and leverage Resecurity’s artificial intelligence to make better defense decisions.

University IT staff already have some cybersecurity implemented, but they needed better insights and decision-making tools. With Context and Risk, Sapienza Università di Roma will enable the university’s IT team to better evaluate digital risk and analyze darkweb domains, IP ranges, email addresses and many other elements of cyber-criminal markets. Resecurity tools will categorize all 20 attack vectors as internal, external and cloud and send alerts to administrators who can take further action and review suspicious activity. Sapienza Università di Roma will be able to analyze attacks such as:

  • Potential data breaches
  • Compromised accounts
  • Botnet traffic
  • Darkweb cyber-criminal activity
  • Vulnerabilities in software and virtual services
  • Retired and unused EC2 instances
  • Public S3 buckets with misconfigurations exposing sensitive data

“We are honored to offer our platform for the extremely important work and innovative programs that are happening at Sapienza Università di Roma. Our commitment to improving Sapienza Università di Roma’s posture against cyber threats is unwavering and we’ll continue to invest in and support the kinds of partnership they are doing,” says Resecurity CEO Gene Yoo.

About Resecurity

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Resecurity ( provides enterprise and government institutions with the artificial intelligence, monitoring and risk management tools to better defend against the world’s most advanced threats. Resecurity’s Risk and Context platforms combined give organizations a 360-degree overview of all network activity providing faster alerts during an ongoing cybersecurity event. For Academia partnership please contact –

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