Resecurity Begins Strategic Cybersecurity Membership with AFCEA International

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Award-winning cybersecurity firm Resecurity, Inc. recently announced its corporate membership with AFCEA, the leading professional association for advanced knowledge-sharing and technical collaboration across multiple industries, including cyber defense, artificial intelligence, electronic warfare, and critical IT infrastructure. This powerful new connection will enable Resecurity to network directly with government agencies, the military, and other professional organizations to better protect global businesses and nations against the most advanced and complex cyber threats.

With 140 chapters worldwide, comprising 1600 corporate members and over 30,000 individual members, AFCEA is uniquely positioned to offer valuable networking opportunities that give industry leaders the ability to learn from other experts while offering their own advice and solutions to their fellow IT providers. This mutual collaboration strengthens global cyber defense strategies, better protecting critical classified government and military data.

In addition to collaboration and networking, AFCEA also offers cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to maintain their credentials by attending AFCEA learning sessions. These events are approved by AFCEA partners such as CompTIA, GIAC, and CertNexus. AFCEA memberships include professional organizations of all sizes, from small firms to large enterprises. Through this corporate membership, Resecurity positions itself as a partner with other cybersecurity leaders, working together to share knowledge about the latest threats seen in the wild.

Resecurity is a leading provider of strategic cybersecurity solutions and intelligence for risk assessment, intrusion detection and prevention, and threat analysis with a focus on ecosystem protection. Rather than emphasizing only one element of an enterprise’s dynamic ecosystem, Resecurity covers all domains, including employees and executives, network infrastructure, publicly-facing services and apps, the Cloud environment, and supply chain and third-party risk. This ensures maximum protection and coverage for an enterprise.

The global black market contains numerous zero-day threats used against governments and enterprise networks. Resecurity works to stop these threats by empowering organizations with advanced tools and protocols that make it easier for IT staff to recognize and contain an ongoing attack. In addition to its Risk and Context platforms (PaaS), Resecurity also provides APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) emulation, red teaming, digital forensics and incident response, full digital crime investigations, and virtual CISO services.

Resecurity’s second line of defense in the battle against cybercrime is its elite internal HUNTER unit. This highly experienced multi-national team of cyber intelligence-gathering experts and security-sector R&D specialists from more than 16 countries is an interdisciplinary unit that actively supports the Resecurity platform, enhancing its effectiveness. By continuously providing advanced, data-driven threat intelligence in real-time, this specialized unit further enables Resecurity’s technology to offer today’s enterprises complete ecosystem protection from new (zero-day) vulnerabilities. It also allows the company to deliver highly effective national security solutions to government agencies around the world, preventing data breaches and deterring cyber espionage.

The company’s new corporate membership with AFCEA International — headquartered in Fairfax, VA — as well as its concurrent membership in the Association’s Rome chapter will expand its reach still further, giving Resecurity an additional platform for sharing the organization’s extensive professional experience with fellow cybersecurity experts. Shared information is key in helping enterprises that are struggling to protect their data and defend their other critical assets against the multitude of threat types that proliferate in the wild. The industry has long relied on collaboration, and AFCEA provides a unique opportunity for aligning the similar interests and shared goals of these experienced professionals.

Resecurity is honored to share its own expertise with other cybersecurity professionals to strengthen global defenses and keep the private and public sectors more secure against cybercriminals and state-sponsored attackers.

Resecurity CEO Gene Yoo explains: “Unfortunately, the threats are always changing, and criminals are continually trying new techniques to avoid detection. Fortunately, security researchers are also doing their own work to stay up to date with the techniques and tactics the cybercriminals are using.”

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