Rotera Partners with Olive Helps to Develop AI Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Tech Companies

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–Today, Rotera ( announced a new partnership with Olive, the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare, and its cybernetics division, Olive Helps ( Rotera is the first Olive Helps certified partner focused on designing and developing artificial intelligence solutions on the platform. Rotera rapidly designs and develops Loops for health systems large or small, tech companies, outsourcing agencies, and payers – delivering real-time intelligence to give healthcare workers superhuman powers.

Erick McKesson, CEO of Rotera, has spent his career in healthcare IT, where he developed a passion for finding efficient and effective solutions through technology for healthcare’s toughest problems. “In my 15 years of healthcare IT work I’ve never seen anything like this. Olive has created a platform that will enable an ecosystem of healthcare organizations to flourish, and I’m proud to be a pioneer on this journey,” says McKesson.

“Olive Helps is the next step in the evolution of healthcare AI, and we don’t want to take that step all by ourselves,” said Tony Brancato, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cybernetics, Olive. “Much as the launch of the App Store on the iPhone heralded the next wave of innovation in mobile, we believe that the partnership ecosystem we’re building here at Olive will truly unleash the potential of the platform, and give our partners an entirely new and innovative way to add value to their customers’ lives.”

Rotera is not only equipped to handle every step of the Loop development process from design to development to ongoing support and maintenance, but operates in an agile, iterative environment delivering on solutions rapidly. This partnership allows healthcare organizations to improve workplace efficiencies and patient safety quickly, with very little burden on the often capacity-strapped IT departments of these organizations.

Rotera is already well underway with development at several Olive AlphaSite customers and non-Olive customers alike. “The beauty of the Olive Helps and Rotera model is that you don’t need to go through a software selection and licensing process. Rotera can work with you whether you leverage Olive for other AI solutions or not,” added McKesson.

About Rotera: Rotera is the first and only certified Olive Helps Partner who designs and develops lightweight, custom solutions that make your workforce more effective. We build loops (similar to an app) on the Olive Helps platform that can identify when your team needs information and surface it at precisely the right time through a notification called a whisper based on the user’s interaction with technology. We believe in rapid, iterative design and development to ensure our solutions meet your needs efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Olive:

Olive is the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare. The company is addressing healthcare’s most burdensome issues through automation — delivering hospitals, health systems and payers increased revenue, reduced costs, and increased capacity. People feel lost in the system today and healthcare employees are essentially working in the dark due to outdated technology that creates a lack of shared knowledge and siloed data. Olive is driving connections to shine new light on healthcare processes, improving operations today so everyone can benefit from a healthier industry tomorrow. To learn more about Olive, visit


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