SafeFun Digital Health App Allows Users to Share Vetted Test Results and Vaccination Status to Instill Comfort and Confidence in a Post-Covid World


HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#COVIDSafeFun – a revolutionary new consumer-facing app developed by a team led by Houston-based software and hospitality entrepreneur Carson Hager – was born out of a desire to help everyone, everywhere, once again gather together following a year defined by fear, isolation and loss due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The socially-focused digital health passport – which is completely free to use in its launch phase – powers a game-changing app that allows users to voluntarily and easily share COVID-19 test results and vaccine records with everyone in their social network – from friends and family to co-workers and first dates. The community-focused document wallet combines industry expertise with technology, data science and ease to provide comfort knowing the people around you have either undergone a recently validated negative Covid test or have received an approved vaccination.

Programmed to be effortlessly and intuitively navigated, users register and download the app to secure a complimentary, password protected SafeFun account before uploading their test results or vaccination records. SafeFun, in turn, extracts those results from the document, instantly analyzes and validates it with hundreds of known testing and vaccination record formats from around the world, then summarizes and adds the users’ most current health records into their digital health wallet so they can be displayed on the SafeFun Passport.

The internationally compliant app not only offers On Demand access to records anywhere in the world at any time, it also provides visual cues that help users immediately identify when they – and the people in their sharing network – are up to date on tests and vaccinations. “SafeFun is your passport to begin sharing memorable moments and enjoying life again,” said SafeFun founder Carson Hager. “In addition to encouraging responsibility, it opens up a world of opportunities to comfortably reengage in person with friends, family and co-workers or to display for entry at designated SafeFun programming and events.”

Hager, who made a name for himself in the tech world in 1996 as the founder of Cynergy Systems, was uniquely qualified to develop and launch the COVID-era digital tool in record time following two decades of creating enterprise and consumer-facing software applications for companies servicing the healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and government market industries.

By 2008, the privately held Cynergy – headquartered in Washington D.C – had sprouted U.S. field offices from Boston to San Diego along with European operations in London and Asia Pacific operations in Taipei, Taiwan and Sydney, Australia. In 2014, Hager sold the company to the U.S. advisory firm KPMG and soon traded in developing software programs in the cloud for opening watering holes on the grid. Under a newly formed umbrella organization – The Hospitable Viking – he launched a trio of bars in his native Houston that ultimately led to the idea for SafeFun.

As the severity of the then-called Corona Virus began to take root, Hager realized that the only way he would get customers back into not only his – but everyone’s – establishments would be if he could somehow make people feel comfortable, and that would only happen if they could confidently demonstrate to others around them that they were at low or no risk. In the flash of a lightbulb moment, SafeFun was born.

Dusting off his programmer’s hat, Hager and team immediately began working around the clock to develop an intelligent system that could import any number of PDF health records from anywhere that could quickly identity and validate them by incorporating the data into an aggregated digital health wallet for users. The resulting SafeFun platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud and includes native mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as a full web version for those users who do not own smartphones.

We tried to think of everything that would prevent someone from having the option to utilize the technology, so we did our best to ensure that SafeFun would be accessible to everyone, everywhere, who are in need of some serious comfort right about now.”

SafeFun supports molecular/diagnostic, antibody and antigen results from hundreds of testing centers around the globe, including national testing providers like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart/eTrueNorth and Curative as well as local and regional testing centers in every major market. The app ranks molecular testing as the gold standard in determining a true negative diagnosis for COVID-19 and grants a 48-hour window from the time of testing to determine strong or weak comfort levels to account for the possibility of contracting COVID-19 after taking a test.

If the app doesn’t currently support a testing center, users can simply upload the result so that SafeFun can validate the testing center and add it to their system within 24 hours. “We are not epidemiologists,” emphasized Hager. “We rely on the experts at the CDC, FDA, NIH and others to provide conservative guidelines around safety and use them in our algorithms to provide comfort. Ultimately, it is the users – not the app – that decides what they are comfortable with and what they are not.”

The platform also comes with follower and following categories that will be familiar to anyone using popular social media channels. Once downloaded, users can search contacts and request friends who then have the option of approving requests so they can monitor and determine who they’re comfortable gathering with in their vetted social network. “Imagine returning to a time when a couple can plan on inviting all – and not just a handful – of their family and friends to their wedding and feeling confident enough to book a honeymoon with non-refundable reservations,” Hager said. “That’s the kind of hope we’re trying to instill.”

In addition to weddings, birthdays, graduations, holidays and social gatherings of all kinds, Hager sees SafeFun credentials being embraced by SafeFun-designated venues as people look to transition back into a life worth living comfortably and confidently. The app is available to all ages, but parents must set-up their child’s account in order to be activated.

About SafeFun

Developed by software veteran and hospitality entrepreneur Carson Hager, SafeFun was born out of a desire to “help everyone get back to living” with a full consumer-facing digital health passport that allows users to voluntarily share their COVID-19 test results and vaccine records with friends, family and coworkers. The community-focused social app combines industry expertise with technology, data science and ease with a mission to provide peace of mind that the people around you have had a recent negative COVID-19 test or vaccine. SafeFun aims to greatly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 by utilizing conservative safety guidelines set by the CDC, FDA, NIH and others in its algorithms to provide safe spaces for just about anywhere else a crowd might gather. For more information, please visit

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