Seattle Fire Department Launches Corti Triage, Saving Lives with an Improved Double-Digit PSAP Call Processing Time

Danish AI platform helps save lives by assisting 911 dispatchers in assessing emergency calls

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Seattle Fire Department (SFD), in partnership with, a leading AI software company, has implemented Corti Triage to assist 911 dispatchers in assessing emergency calls and saving more lives. SFD says that Corti’s Triage platform enables it to create, manage and optimize protocols that call-takers follow in real-time, optimizing workflow by an improved double-digit rate to successfully increase its PSAP call processing time.

“Every facet of operations in the PSAP environment is critical, but call center triage is where it all begins. Unfortunately, understaffing has been a chronic issue for emergency medical services around the country for years, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem with high call volumes,” says Andreas Cleve, CEO & co-founder of Corti.

SFD’s Call Volume Problem

SFD’s challenge was not unlike many others faced by emergency dispatch centers in cities across the U.S. SFD was using a rigid software built in-house to triage emergency medical and fire calls that prevented them from building their own protocols and content. SFD knew they needed a modern solution that would allow them to reduce and standardize call time.

After experiencing the highest call volumes in recent history due to the pandemic, SFD worked with Corti to develop new ways to improve how dispatchers addressed critical patient needs. Through optimized triaging, post-call analysis of dispatched resources, and automated documentation, the solution provided SFD’s dispatchers to transmit vital information to paramedics with near-real-time updates. Alongside the protocol modifications during COVID, Seattle Fire Dept. configured a COVID-19 keyword detection within minutes, ensuring that call-takers were prompted to ask COVID-19 specific questions despite being in an unrelated protocol branch.

“Corti Triage offers us the ability to write, change, and update our medical protocols easily and quickly, and this was never more important than when COVID-19 began to spread. Not only were we able to make those changes easily but also incorporate information about COVID-19 to provide the caller”, says Hilton Almond, Seattle Fire Department Dispatcher, and Firefighter.

Reduce Response Time, Save Lives

Through this partnership, Corti Triage is applied to consolidate PSAP call audio, CAD events, triaging protocols, and call auditing – providing SFD with valuable data analytics to improve PSAP performance and increase critical response time. Corti’s technology also helps set SFD up for continuous improvement.

Corti and SFD are currently in development on offering all SFD call-takers the ability to benefit from AI-powered triage flows. “This is a feature that I am really excited about as it may help our dispatchers with early detection of cardiac arrest to improve chances of patient survival,” Almond says.

“In the PSAP arena, every second counts, and accuracy is critical. Technology that simultaneously addresses both issues is poised to revolutionize the patient experience, and that’s what Corti is all about,” adds Cleve. “Corti’s partnership with the Seattle Fire Department is a giant step forward in reimaging patient care empowered by technology to deliver best-in-class results for area residents.”

About Corti

Corti is a leading healthcare technology company that has developed a medical decision support platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Corti’s powerful machine learning platform identifies key patterns in live patient calls and alerts healthcare professionals of critical illnesses such as cardiac arrest to increase survival rates dramatically. Corti’s technology has also been applied in PSAP situations to consolidate call audio, CAD events, triaging protocols, and call auditing to improve 911 dispatcher performance and increase response time. The Denmark-based company has been recognized with several awards, including VentureBeat’s “Best Global AI Innovation” award.

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