Security and Data Expert Joins mePrism, its Mission to Release Digital Identity Ownership to Consumers

Adam Judelson Appointed as President, COO of mePrism

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumer data startup mePrism, today announced the appointment of Adam Judelson to its executive team as president and chief operating officer.

“I am thrilled to welcome Adam to mePrism,” said mePrism CEO Tom Daly. “Currently the consumer data economy doesn’t work for consumers. Adam is going to help us fix that. He has world-class experience in academe, data science, security and enterprise software. He brings a fastidiousness combined with the ability to dream big while executing small. I am honored to have him join our team.”

Judelson rooted his technology career in national security, exploring the science of exploiting secrets to protect Americans during his posts held at various government agencies, including in the national security establishment. He then moved his focus into startups and leveraging data to protect businesses and governments from bad actors and to accelerate growth. His experience spanned across industries to all styles of challenging, data-based decision-making during his tenures at Palantir Technologies, where Judelson led Palantir Gotham; and Deloitte U.S. Consulting, where he built a data and machine learning product startup inside the worldwide consultancy. Judelson also co-created and taught a first-of-its-kind class at Georgetown as an adjunct professor on data, technology, and analytics. Judelson additionally honed his capabilities as a founder and entrepreneur while leading Speaker Technologies as CEO, and seeing Slingshot Aerospace through Series A venture capital financing as vice president of product, in addition to actively advising numerous others on product and strategy.

At mePrism, Judelson will call on his vast experience to take on shifting the paradigm in the data economy to give consumers authority over their personal data.

“It is vital that the digital services marketplace evolve from its polarized dynamic to an equal trade between consumers and businesses built on trust and transparency,” said mePrism President and COO Adam Judelson. “mePrism evens the playing field by first, helping consumers appreciate just how extensive their personal data is in their own digital identity or footprint, and then by allowing consumers to take license and ownership of that personal data for their select benefit.”

As COO, Judelson will help lead the company’s growth strategy in onboarding corporate partnerships that will integrate mePrism to offer equal trades of data and services, as well as in developing the mePrism app through which consumers can discover their digital identity and directly sell their data to companies in its marketplace for cash.

Judelson added: “Your personal data should be treated like any other property that you own. Every time you interact with an online service, your data should first be deposited in your account, not someone else’s, and every time data is bought, it should be from the consumer directly.”

Judelson received a bachelor’s degree in foreign service, cum laude, and master’s degree in technology and security from Georgetown University.

About mePrism

We are a team dedicated to consumer empowerment, specifically focused on the data economy. We believe it is your property, and that you should be given the tools to take full advantage of data you create everyday from using search engines, online shopping, social media, maps, and more. Our team comes from various backgrounds across academia, financial markets, technology, blockchain, and are all woven together by ethically-driven values of security, privacy, and the betterment of humans in the new economy: the age of data.

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