Sembly AI releases the groundbreaking “Glance View”, a first of its kind AI summary for online meetings

A revolutionary new paradigm

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#aiSembly AI has released a new version of its flagship product Sembly Professional. Sembly Professional includes a cutting-edge, industry first AI features for professional and small teams.

Sembly is a cross-platform web and mobile app that accompanies users on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet meetings, making content available for review, search, and sharing, powered by its highly accurate, second generation proprietary transcription engine.

Sembly Professional is a brand new release of the Sembly SaaS platform, previously featured on Forbes. Its advanced AI capabilities supercharge productivity teams who want to focus on delivering results rather than spending time compiling notes.

Sembly AI CEO Gil Makleff: ”We are excited about Sembly Professional’s ability to make all conference platform users’ day to day lives better. Sembly AI is first in the market to provide this level of Artificial Intelligence innovation that works”.

The Sembly AI team is excited to share world-first innovations, available for free with Sembly Professional, for a limited time:

  • Glance View – uses magic and a bit of Artificial Intelligence to produce a topical digest of a meeting. This unique feature helps users quickly understand what the meeting was about, what key topics were discussed, and what the main outcomes were. It allows sharing structured results of the meeting with clients or colleagues who were not present at the meeting.
  • Automatic Phrase Recognition – in the ‘Key Items’ tab, users can find a list of Actions, Issues, Requirements, and other items that are detected automatically. Key items provide a complete picture of important discussion points that can be quickly converted into tickets and tasks.

“We have been working hard to make Sembly more helpful while keeping it easy and fun to use, and today we have unveiled our newest release”, says Artem Koren, Chief Product Officer, and Co-founder of Sembly AI.

Sembly Professional includes additional benefits, such as higher quality transcription, cross meeting search, amazing webapp look-and-feel, and smooth calendar connectivity.

About Sembly AI: Sembly AI was founded in early 2019 by executives Gil Makleff and Artem Koren, who have successfully grown companies from small startups to large operating entities that were subsequently sold to bluechip companies.


Alec Rogers – Manager, Growth

Sembly AI