Sibly Pledges Complimentary Services for Employers to Provide Workforce With On-Demand Support and Coaching During Time of Crisis

Mobile app seeks to mitigate interpersonal effects of social distancing, fears surrounding COVID-19, by offering 24/7 on-demand wellness support

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sibly, a mobile platform that provides companies the ability to give employees and their families on-demand support for a wide range of emotional and behavioral health challenges, today pledged three months of service free of charge to organizations in an effort to help their workforce navigate the stresses surrounding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The complimentary service includes coaching support and real-time navigation to the national resources available regarding COVID-19, in addition to programs that address the impacts of social isolation and fears amid the rapidly evolving pandemic.

At a time of increased anxiety and uncertainty nationwide, Sibly aims to offer support by providing members “someone to talk to” 24/7 via the text-based mobile app. The app provides confidential and immediate (typically within two minutes) access to a team of empirically trained coaches, called “Heroes,” who foster a single relationship with each member and provide tailored recommendations to resources that meet their personal goals.

“The effects of the current pandemic on communities have wider ramifications than just physical illness,” says Moe AlKadi, CEO and co-founder of Sibly. “Social distancing, while imperative at a time such as this, can have dire effects on our social, professional, and emotional lives. Our issues don’t occur in a vacuum, but are in fact complex and interconnected. What helps is simple: a friend in your pocket that understands the whole you and is able to give you the right help at the right time. We call that friend Sibly.”

Sibly’s human “Heroes” help members cope with behavioral health issues, including loneliness, stress, anxiety, and substance use, as well as physical health behaviors like healthy eating, physical activity, and adherence to public health guidelines. Ultimately, Sibly enables individuals to identify and make progress toward their personal and professional goals.

Dr. Paula Wilbourne, co-founder and chief scientific officer, designed Sibly’s coaching methods and trained its Heroes in Motivational Interviewing, a scientifically tested method that she used to successfully help veterans nationwide in the treatment of their mental and behavioral concerns in her previous position at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Sibly’s human connection is amplified by a layer of technology that continuously ensures members receive the highest quality coaching in an engaging, effective and real-time format through rigorous quality assurance and artificial intelligence. As the first step in a step-care model, Sibly’s in-house coaches are also trained to refer to medical resources when users demonstrate needs beyond the scope of coaching.

“Sibly’s AI-backed technology, coupled with the human touch of our extensively trained coaches, helps us bridge the divide between science and its successful implementation to provide members with an advanced, first-of-its-kind platform,” says Dr. Wilbourne. “We’ve seen firsthand the positive effects of Motivational Interviewing with countless individuals, and we look forward to extending these services free of charge to companies and offering support during this challenging time.”

Sibly supports a variety of industry-leading companies such as National Debt Relief, Cleary Gottlieb, Zynga, and others to integrate itself as part of their overall benefits offering. The platform is designed to help companies take care of their most important asset: their people. By individually tailoring suggestions toward effective solutions and resources—which include existing employee benefits, community resources and Sibly-developed content and programs—Sibly increases the value and utilization of employee benefits packages. Additionally, it offers employers unprecedented insights into the needs of its workforce and gaps in existing benefit design.

Sibly seeks to expand the reach of offering “someone to talk to.” To date, 75% of Sibly members report not having an existing relationship with a therapist or counselor. Upon utilizing Sibly, 60% of recommended resources and employee-offered benefits are acted upon.

For employers seeking to offer Sibly to their workforce, and more information, please visit or contact Sibly at

About Sibly

Sibly helps companies take care of their most important asset: their people. The text-based app provides companies with the ability to give employees and their families on-demand support for a wide range of emotional and behavioral health challenges. Its human coaches, or “Heroes,” are trained in scientifically tested methods of Motivational Interviewing providing a human connection that is amplified by AI-technology. Sibly offers employees “someone to talk to,” around the clock, that coaches them through any life event and engages them in individually tailored benefits and resources that meet their personal and professional goals.

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