SmarterHQ Launches Smarter Predictions, Enabling Predictive Marketing for Brands Across All Their Data Sources and Digital Channels

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today SmarterHQ announced the launch of Smarter Predictions, allowing marketers to execute machine learning and modeled campaigns across all of their data and communication channels.

Smarter Predictions give brands the insights and ability to accurately anticipate a customer’s next move and power the most relevant, high-conversion messages directly in the SmarterHQ platform. These dynamic, self-tuning models update based on how customers interact in real time, which is especially crucial during busy holiday seasons and situations such as COVID-19 when consumer behaviors are constantly changing.

The launch of Smarter Predictions establishes SmarterHQ as the only personalization platform enabling brands to leverage predictive marketing across all of their data sources and digital channels. While other personalization and CDP vendors who claim to offer AI-related capabilities can only do so based on limited data and provider integrations, SmarterHQ can connect behavioral data from multiple key data sources—web, mobile app, offline/in-store—and automate decisioning-driven campaigns via email, web, mobile push, and ad channels. SmarterHQ also incorporates both purchase and browse behavior in their models, while other solutions base models off of purchases only.

“While AI’s potential is often talked about among digital marketers, many of the capabilities have been wishlist items—until now,” said Michael Osborne, President & CEO of SmarterHQ. “Artificial Intelligence implies that the system is thinking for you, when really what it’s doing is predicting potential outcomes, analyzing data more broadly, or surfacing trends that might be interesting but aren’t necessarily so. What brands really need are systems that automate as much as possible, allow for quick analysis of potential reach/outcome, and make it easy to predict outcomes based on real behavioral data—which is exactly what we do at SmarterHQ. Building these instinctive models and connections across channels can be extremely complicated and time-consuming for brands to do on their own and with the patchwork of vendors needed to deliver a similar offering.”

SmarterHQ’s platform directly integrates with 25+ marketing solutions and ESPs used by retail, travel and hospitality, and financial brands, enabling teams to easily connect and implement the advanced models within their existing toolset.

With Smarter Predictions, marketers can immediately identify cross-channel behavioral patterns and uniquely interact with high-value spenders versus low-value spenders, as well as those likely to book or buy in the near future. They can also quickly reactivate disengaging customers and those who are highly engaged but have not yet converted. Additionally, the models uncover products or combinations of products that are driving the most overall value for a given time period, even if they’re not driving the most direct revenue. Marketers can then prioritize and trigger the most relevant content, product recommendations, and offers in real time via SmarterHQ based on the customer’s most engaged channel, while maintaining a holistic view of their communication, browse, and purchase history to achieve a cohesive experience.

“Our models adapt to the most recent consumer behaviors. Identifying shifting consumer trends is paramount for marketers especially during and post-pandemic,” said Dean Abbott, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at SmarterHQ. “With Smarter Predictions, brands can instantly understand what inventory and customers are showing the highest indicators of loyalty, their engagement and decay, likelihood to purchase, lifetime value, what they will most likely do next, and exactly how to best interact with them moving forward—ultimately offering the most personalized experience possible.”

SmarterHQ is CCPA, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest levels of security and protection of customer data for their clients.

About SmarterHQ

SmarterHQ is a personalization platform built on a CDP infrastructure that makes it easy for marketers to increase revenue now and customer relationships over time by powering highly relevant, cross-channel experiences. Trusted by leading brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Omni Hotels, Santander Bank, and Sam’s Club, SmarterHQ activates and unifies real-time multichannel data, identifies audiences quickly based on customer behavior and profile information, and automates personalized content across email, web, mobile push, print, and ad channels. Learn more at


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