Software Optimization Company Announces Breakthrough Tool is a gamechanger for companies looking to manage their entire software ecosystem

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– today announced an unprecedented data-driven tool that allows business leaders to take control of their entire software ecosystem. For the first time ever, companies have a line of sight into their software management processes and can confidently make decisions in real time about which products to add or change within their software ecosystem. is an easy-to-use, unbiased artificial intelligence platform that leverages a unique data set to streamline the way companies manage and optimize their software ecosystem, helping them drive down software costs and manage fewer vendors. is already used by partners from a variety of world-renowned companies, including Airbnb.

“We have streamlined the entire software management process,” said James Layfield, Co-founder. “Our unique data and methodology makes it possible for companies to now manage their software needs, arming them with the right insights to consolidate their business. We’re thrilled to provide such a critical product at a time when companies are relying on software more than ever before.” leverages unique data sets, AI technology and specially crafted algorithms to collect information about every software product on the market and give companies insights to make cost-saving business decisions and manage fewer systems. gives businesses a crucial understanding of their software, allowing them to eliminate duplication, redundancies and non-compliant products.

“Until now it was not possible to do this digitally. Year after year in my previous roles, time, money and effort were wasted working with software services. We often juggled too many vendors that overlapped in service and it was challenging to find the right software to fulfill our business requirements,” said Co-founder and COO, Jocelyn Simons. “That’s why we wanted to create a data-powered platform that helps teams streamline their software providers.”

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About is a powerful new tool, combining a unique dataset of functional and characteristic information about every software product with matching algorithms and a seamless experience to deliver the insights needed to manage your software ecosystem. helps companies find the right software for all of their business needs. The company was founded by Jocelyn Simons and James Layfield and is based in New York, N.Y. For more information, visit


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