Strivve Announces “TopWallet™ Rewards” – First-Ever Rewards Platform Driving Top of Wallet® Online Payment Incentive Programs

CardUpdatr App and CardSavr® Platform Provide Card Issuers Real-Time Card-On-File Rewards Solutions

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#fintechStrivve, Inc, a Seattle-based financial technology company, today announced the availability of TopWallet™ Rewards, complementing the recently announced TopWallet™ Tools. TopWallet Rewards is powered by Strivve’s CardSavr Platform and provides real-time notifications to card issuers, allowing them to immediately reward their cardholders for card-on-file placements at online payment sites. For Strivve’s customers, TopWallet Rewards provide a unique competitive advantage to increase card usage, brand loyalty, and overall cardholder satisfaction via enhanced cardholder experiences.

“For the first time ever, card issuers can reward online purchasers for placing their card into the default card, Top of Wallet® position, and provide immediate incentive rewards for doing so, in any rewards program form they choose,” said Chris Hopen, Strivve CEO and co-founder. “The trifecta of (1) rewarding the fast-growing ‘convenience seeker’ market segment, while (2) simultaneously building brand loyalty and (3) delivering significant portfolio financial return multiples, is now easily achievable.”

TopWallet Rewards benefits include:

  • Instantly rewards cardholders for placing the issuer’s card as default payment method
  • Generates continued strong brand loyalty between issuer and cardholder
  • Increases revenue from default payment method or “Top of Wallet” placement at online merchants

TopWallet Rewards is designed to work hand-in-hand with the CardUpdatr experience, CardSavr API, and any card issuer system with seamless support for marketing and call center teams within the card issuer. TopWallet Rewards is the latest addition to Strivve’s customer-focused support material that is designed for card issuers of any size to help drive credit and debit cards to Top of Wallet.

How TopWallet Rewards works:

  1. Card issuer offers cardholders an incentive (reward) for Top of Wallet card placement at merchant sites
  2. Cardholder updates payment method on merchant site using Strivve’s CardSavr solution
  3. TopWallet Rewards provides real-time notification to the card issuer’s system when a card placement is completed, allowing the card issuers to provide real-time incentives

Strivve’s core CardSavr platform is a flexible, cloud-based solution that uniquely combines a scalable machine-learning engine and patented artificial intelligence algorithms to push the card issuer’s credit or debit card to Top of Wallet® at selected accounts, including Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Walmart. The platform does not read, pull, or scrape PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

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About Strivve

Headquartered in Seattle, Strivve creates cardholder experiences that drive cards to Top of Wallet®. The company’s payment card solutions increase transaction volume for issuers. Strivve provides flexible, cloud-based solutions that leverage proprietary and patented artificial intelligence algorithms. You can learn more about Strivve at or follow the company on the Strivve Blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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