TubeBuddy Launches International Creator Day, a First-of-Its-Kind Annual Holiday to Celebrate Creators

In recognition of the impact creators make to inspire, entertain, and educate, TubeBuddy will amplify creator voices through activations on social and digital media

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#internationalcreatordayTubeBuddy, the YouTube creator management and optimization division of BEN Group, today announced its inaugural International Creator Day, a new holiday to celebrate the social media and content creator community. Starting this Friday, the event will take place annually on April 23 – the anniversary of when the first YouTube video was uploaded to the platform and the unofficial beginning of the era of social media and influencers. Each year, the holiday will highlight and recognize creators who inspire and make an impact on audiences across the world.

Over the past sixteen years, social media and creators have brought people together to build communities both online and offline. Amidst the pandemic, creators became even more important to their audiences, providing comfort and camaraderie and elevating important social causes. TubeBuddy created this new holiday to acknowledge the ways that creators inspire, educate, entertain, and comfort through good times and bad.

“Since the inception of YouTube, we’ve seen creators reach new heights of creativity and community building. Following a challenging year, we want to kick off an initiative that demonstrates our appreciation for all the ways creators enrich our lives,” said Rob Gabel, General Manager of TubeBuddy. “We’re constantly in awe of the hard work that creators do to bring their funny, educational, enlightening, and philanthropic content to audiences on a daily basis. We’re excited to make April 23 a day for recognizing and celebrating the impacts large and small that they have made on our lives.”

In celebration of International Creator Day, TubeBuddy will host a variety of activations geared towards creators and audiences. In the lead-up to April 23, creators can submit short videos about why they produce content as well as major milestones in their careers. TubeBuddy is also encouraging audiences to recognize and tag creators who inspire them on social media using the hashtag #creatorday. On April 23, these activities will culminate in an eight-hour live stream on the TubeBuddy YouTube Channel, featuring a lineup of guest speakers for interviews, giveaways, games, YouTube trivia, and more. Notable guest appearances will include BEN Group CEO Ricky Ray Butler and YouTube creators ThatDenverGuy and Ali Abdaal.

“We are in the golden age of content and art, with more creators and artists turning to platforms like YouTube to express their creative talents, connect with others, and build a community,” said Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN Group. “Creators are already mainstream and will continue to be the future of entertainment and deserve recognition for their influence on culture. We couldn’t be more excited to launch International Creator Day, and we hope this holiday inspires everyone to recognize the ways creators and influencers have impacted their lives and their communities.”

In tandem with the new holiday, TubeBuddy has created a video featuring creators sharing the reasons why they produce content, as well as a “How to Celebrate” guide for fans looking to participate in International Creator Day.

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