Tutelar Offers Free Help for Manufacturers

Ujigami Safe Access for Employees (SAFE)

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To assist companies with their COVID-19 requirements to monitor and approve each employee’s health clearance for work, Tutelar Technologies Inc. is deploying a free online “SAFE to Work Certification” cloud application that manufacturers may use at no cost. Manufacturing companies may register at https://safe.watchover.us. The application provides rapid data entry for company “screeners” to certify employees who are eligible/ineligible to work based on the company’s screening protocol and a readily accessible list of employee status.

“Utilizing the same controls and platform that make our Ujigami PDMS system the best mistake-proofing and quality system in the industry, the ‘SAFE to Work Certification’ application provides a real-time list of employees who are eligible/ineligible to work,” explains Edward Dickson, Tutelar president. “For employees who are deemed ineligible, the system can also apply additional company criteria; for example not eligible for re-evaluation or access for 14 days.”

Most governments are requiring employers to treat COVID-19 under the Employee Health & Safety regulations. This puts specific liabilities on the employer to follow public health guidelines and to document the actions taken to provide a safe work environment. The Ujigami SAFE system helps fulfill these requirements.

High Level Overview:

Ujigami SAFE is an on-line electronic screening tool that assists companies with:

  • quickly and easily screening employees for COVID-19 symptoms, making decisions to allow employees to enter the workplace or advise the employee to return home/seek medical advice,
  • providing a readily accessible list of employees who are eligible and/or ineligible to work,
  • accessing Ujigami SAFE historical records of employee status for traceability and compliance,
  • complying with government regulations and public health authorities’ requirements and guidelines.

About Tutelar Technologies Inc.

With more than 35 years experience, Tutelar Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of plant-floor manufacturing software. Tutelar’s next generation software product, Ujigami Product Direct Manufacturing System (PDMS), includes Artificial Intelligence, built-in Industry 4.0 capabilities and integrated IIoT to drive Zero Defect manufacturing. No other plant floor software has the speed, capabilities, and ease-of-use of Ujigami. Customers using Tutelar’s Ujigami software products achieve the highest levels of traceability, quality, and production performance – World Class Manufacturing.

Learn more about Tutelar and the Ujigami SAFE application at watchover.us.


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