Urgent Care Centers Can Now Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccinations While Increasing Revenue

Exdion Solutions Offers Services to Quickly Ramp Up And Leverage Vaccine Administration

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#healthcare–The Biden Administration’s recent announcement it will reimburse providers $40 to administer each dose of COVID-19 vaccine creates an opportunity for urgent care centers to assist in a public health initiative without sacrificing their bottom lines. Urgent care centers can effectively and efficiently establish and run walk-in or even drive-through vaccination initiatives with few changes to their daily operations by adopting smart solutions.

Exdion Solutions, a top specialist in high-tech solutions for the healthcare sector, is providing a seamless solution enabling urgent care centers to offer cloud-based access for registering patients for vaccines, live automated eligibility and verification, claim creation and submission, follow-ups, payment posting, reporting and appeals. Exdion’s services facilitate direct interface with the Health Resources and Services Administration’s provider relief fund to bill under the CARES act for the uninsured COVID vaccines. Exdion’s system can be implemented within one week without requiring any changes to current IT and operation systems and/or processes. It can work as a standalone and separate module from a provider’s electronic medical records system, thus allowing urgent care centers to continue their day-to-day operations uninterrupted.

“Our solution presents an extraordinary opportunity for urgent care practices to assist in the most ambitious public health effort ever undertaken, while capitalizing on the available reimbursement,” said Exdion Solutions CEO L.S. Ram. “In addition to assisting in the smooth administration of vaccines, Exdion also tracks any changes in reimbursement guidelines from Federal and state governments, allowing us to provide an up-to-date, seamless option to providers who wish to vaccinate individuals as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

To obtain more information about Exdion’s COVID-19 vaccination solution, please contact Roni Berlin at roni_berlin@exdion.com or call (469) 277-8184.

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