Venti Technologies Recognized for Transformative Autonomous Mobility Technology and Strong Growth in Global Logistics Market

Winner of Supply Chain and Logistics “Shark Tank” Competition

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Venti Technologies, the leader in safe-speed autonomous mobility, was recently recognized for its disruptive technology and high-growth business in the global logistics industry by a leading advisor to the supply chain and technology sector. Venti captured top place at the BGSA 2021 Supply Chain “Shark Tank” competition held January 20-21, during the BG Strategic Advisors Virtual Supply Chain Conference, which featured presentations from six early-stage technology-enabled supply chain company finalists.

“Our mature autonomous mobility technology addresses an enormous unmet need in the logistics hub marketplace. Whether it’s a factory floor, warehouse operation, airport tarmac or shipping port, there is a critical demand for cost efficiencies in moving goods with varying weight loads and distances, in complex spaces and changing routes,” said Heidi R. Wyle, Ph.D., CEO of Venti Technologies. “Our flexible autonomy technology with its fast and simple installation, is uniquely capable of addressing this $175 billion market in a customer-friendly, reliable and safe manner.”

Wyle concluded, “We initially demonstrated the benefits of our Venti technology with people-moving AVs, and are now applying our proprietary and proven technology to disrupt the global logistics market by saving costs and improving vehicle utilization and safety. Venti’s AI-powered vehicles bring cost-saving, innovative technology to the real challenges that companies face around the world moving small and large components through the supply chain.”

The company’s initial logistics deployments include “first-mile” tug-trailers for the daily movement of automobile production parts, prime movers for moving containers, and small logistics vehicles, and are expected to be utilized by a broader range of customers in logistics applications over the coming year.

About Venti Technologies

Based in the U.S. and Asia, Venti Technologies is a safe-speed autonomous mobility company developing the future of transportation for moving people and goods. Using rigorous mathematical modeling, deep learning, and theoretically-grounded algorithms, Venti has developed a proprietary collection of autonomy technologies, including a suite of special purpose logistics algorithms. Venti’s proven value proposition of saving costs, increasing vehicle utilization, improving safety and providing COVID-friendly autonomous vehicles is recognized by customers and driving growth. Launched in 2018, Venti brings together an unsurpassed team internationally. The company currently has autonomous systems deployed in Asia for residential, recreational and industrial sites, with a growing pipeline in the global logistics and communities marketplace. For more information please visit


Beth Kurth

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