Vouched Now Available on Auth0 Marketplace

Vouched real-time Visual ID verification now available to rapidly onboard customers

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vouched, a developer of proprietary AI and computer vision for identity verification, today announced the availability of its real-time visual identity verification and end-to-end fraud detection on Auth0 Marketplace, a newly-launched catalog of trusted technology integrations to extend the functionality of Auth0’s identity management platform. Vouched powers thorough visual examination and verification of end users in seconds, providing a secure and seamless consumer onboarding experience.

Vouched complements the extensibility of Auth0’s platform, and the ease in which customers can seamlessly integrate adjacent technologies to facilitate the successful execution of larger projects such as digital transformation, threat detection, compliance, and customer conversion. Utilized by banks and healthcare providers for Know Your Customer (KYC), and gig and sharing companies to enhance trust and safety, Vouched uses the camera on an end-user’s device to combine expert visual examination of a government-issued photo identity card, like a driver’s license or passport, and facial recognition, to see and confirm identity. For added security, Vouched adds liveness detection, analyzing a user’s specific movements to establish the user is real and in control of their ID, and advanced fraud-detection for high-risk use cases.

The combination of Vouched and Auth0 provides an end-to-end identity proofing and ongoing identity management solution that can easily be adapted to the needs and flow of the customer. Vouched is device agnostic and provides flexible APIs, enabling customers to integrate Vouched and handoff to Auth0 as per the customers’ unique requirements.

Slow, friction-filled onboarding is the death knell of user conversion,” said Vouched CEO John Baird. “At the same time, companies have increasingly complicated KYC and verification requirements. Together, Auth0 and Vouched bring together rapid, secure verification and the ability to manage user identity throughout the life of the customer, all in one easy-to-integrate experience.”

It has been really exciting to work with Vouched on a newly-built partner integration for the launch of Auth0 Marketplace. This best-in-class solution adds an integral layer to our platform that provides our customers with greater choice and flexibility,” said Bill Lapcevic, VP of Business Development at Auth0. “After speaking with many customers, we have identified the types of integrations that matter to them, and we are so thrilled to have the Vouched identity verification solution as a vetted and valuable vendor in Auth0 Marketplace.”

All partner integrations are thoroughly vetted and verified for security and functionality by Auth0, and are easily discoverable for customers. Partners can participate in the growing demand for digital identity solutions and increase their visibility as part of the Auth0 Marketplace, and can learn more on the Auth0 Partner page.

About Auth0

Auth0 provides a platform to authenticate, authorize, and secure access for applications, devices, and users. Security and application teams rely on Auth0’s simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to make identity work for everyone. Safeguarding more than 4.5 billion login transactions each month, Auth0 secures identities so innovators can innovate, and empowers global enterprises to deliver trusted, superior digital experiences to their customers around the world.

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About Vouched

Vouched is proprietary artificial intelligence and computer visions that powers end-to-end visual identity verification and fraud detection in real-time. An expert on hundreds of government-issued photo identity documents, including driver’s licenses, passports, and permanent resident cards, Vouched helps banks, gig and sharing companies, and healthcare providers, verify and onboard users, instantly providing access to life’s most critical services.

For more information, visit Vouched at https://www.vouched.id/.


Jeana Tahnk

Auth0 Global Communications


Bradley Scheftner

Vouched Marketing